Tuesday, February 28, 2012

t-shirt to skirt class at community sewing center

A few years ago I had a dream of a place where people could sew together. While getting my hair cut, I shared this dream. My hairstylist and friend introduced me to a woman named MaryAnn who was working on a great local community project called Grow Benzie. So, MaryAnn and I sat down and had a conversation. She shared my vision and immediately began to work on a space where we could sew together.

Now it is two years later and the dream has become a reality, thanks to all the great people who have come to sew in this wonderful space. Since the beginning of this year, we have an open studio/sewing circle on Monday nights from 6-9pm for a $10 donation or 15 if you would like to use some of the donated materials. Sometimes we offer a class like this in conjunction with the open studio.

To make this story even more interesting, the woman in the photo above was getting her hair cut as I arrived for my last haircut a week ago. Clarissa is a sewist who recently moved to the area and wanted to come get involved. Can I say that I love my hairstylist? She is so cool.

A few weeks earlier at an open studio, I made a ruched overskirt and petticoat with this great tutorial from maya*made. After making two skirts using it, I drew up some visual instructions that I could pass out in the class. Photos were posted on facebook and people started to sign up for the class. I called my crafty friends for back-up because I knew I was going to need help if fourteen people really showed up.

Fourteen people did in fact show up for the class, although not all the same people who signed up, as might be expected when people have families and travel to consider. As I reviewed the instructions with everyone, there was a pause while I slipped on my skirt and petticoat. To fill the space, a friend's daughter who is 10 and a Shakespearean actress stepped in with a recitation about sewing. Amazing. Where else would this happen?

I am feeling so blessed to have these people in my life! The skirts were all very different and wonderful. The women who came were working together, helping each other measure, make creative decisions, threading bobbins and offering encouragement and affirmation. I would like to especially thank Maya Donenfeld for inspiring the event with her Reinvention Skirt.

Thank you to everyone who had been part of this amazing dream and helped to make our community a richer, more creative place to live!

I'm looking forward to sewing with you next Monday night!
Let's wear our new skirts!

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Amylynn said...

Wow you should be so proud of yourself. Loved seeing all the sewing gals and skirts. Hugs to you!