Sunday, September 11, 2011

recycled scrap garden flags

As we prepare for a harvest gathering this weekend, I wanted to show you what is going on in the garden this year. The flags are made from some of my favorite fabric scraps. I just cut then into triangles (about 6" wide and 6-7" long) with a wavy rotary blade. Pinking shears would give you the same effect. Then I choose 2 pieces for each flag, putting the right sides of the fabric facing out, folding over about 1/2" and sewing over a long piece of grosgrain ribbon. The ribbon was premeasured, so I knew where the posts would fall.

The garden markers are sticks with a tiny big shaved off the top. The idea is from Martha Stewart, and thanks to Amanda Blake Soule, over at soulemama for the inspiration to make it happen.

There are a lot of cherry, plum and paste tomatoes in the garden this year and they are producing more every day. We ate beans from the garden for dinner tonight. Tomorrow we will have potatoes!

The view over the "garden gate', which is more of the metal fencing used around the garden. It's fastened to a tall stick and wedged behind a log. The bungee cord holds it closed and is too tall for little hands to reach. A scrap of fabric makes it a little more colorful and visible.

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