Monday, August 1, 2011

custom bags for Amanda

One of my favorite customers, Amanda, sent in a bag she bought a few years ago to the recycled+revamped purse spa. It had been used up and much loved! After taking it apart, I took out some of the fabric and used pieces of it in a new, albeit smaller purse. At the same time, I made this bag from recycled office furniture fabric (and a smidgen of Heather Ross's mermaids) with a vintage button and some zippers to replace the large, much loved bag.

There are loads of pockets inside that make it great for getting all your stuff organized, whether it's for work, baby or travel. The smaller clutches were just a little something extra, because you can never have too many pockets!

For those of you in the Traverse City area, check out Amanda's restaurant, Trattoria Stella. It focuses on using all kinds of good, organic food from local farms as well as locally made beer and wine!.

Thank you Amanda for being such a great customer and allowing me to create this fabulous new bag for you!


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Love it! You do such great work! I'm still using your bad everyday!