Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In my studio - a new Bernina sewing machine!

Look at it, all sleek, black and shiny! Lucky that my table was made with room for three (really? all for me?) machines! I'm so thankful for a husband that just nods when I explain how I went to take one machine in for service - the backstitch on my Huskystar is sticky and the zig zag a bit loose - that I came home with a brand new sewing machine. Blame it on the great service at CS Sewing in TC, if you want. This is the machine I am test driving for the community sewing studio. Wouldn't a whole room full of them look super sleek?
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farmgirlstudio said...

I am jelous! Wow a new machine! Yipeee!!! How is the test driving going? Can't wait to see you on Sunday!

Deb said...

Nice! We keep crossing paths Victoria. I was at CS sewing yesterday. The staff is wonderfully helpful.