Monday, May 24, 2010

new and improved longer pants!

These aqua pants were just calling my name on one of my thrifting sprees. They were too short, but I bought them anyway b/c I loved them and they fit perfectly up top. The green velvet were great too, but after I washed them, they shrunk! So, I decided to make them into one pair by cutting the bottom hem and a couple inches off the aqua pair and adding about a foot worth of the green ones. It only took a few minutes to sew the two tubes together and I had time to do a little yoga before naptime was over!

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Mousy Brown said...

Hi Victoria - sorry I have lost your email and can't see a contact on your blog. I just wanted to check you received my email about the snail mail swap and that you still wanted to join in? I have had some problems with my computer and am not sure what has made it and what hasn't! Could you contact me and let me know please - I could do with knowing what you would like so I can get making! :D