Thursday, January 8, 2009

christmas memories

Here are my brother-in-law, Doug and my stepmom, Kim, showing off their holiday goodies. Doug's cuff links were made by my friend, James Blanchard. They are fordite, a material made from the paint scrapings at the Ford Automotive plant. Very cool. Jim sells his work at my friend Christie's Gallery 50 in Traverse City. I traded him for revamped clothing for his little guy!
Kim's purse is a custom design, with one shoulder strap, pockets on both sides inside, a key hook, a cell phone pocket outside and a vinyl pocket on the back for photos of her grandkids. There a camera case and a makeup bag to match, all made from recycled fabric. Somehow I managed to stitch it up while Fyn and Tommy were playing together on Tommy's christmas vacation.

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